Design Thinking Singapore, Service Design Workshop

I got selected by National Design Centre Singapore to learn design thinking for service design, human-centered approach. I am learning a lot about service design because I see different perspective by wearing many hats at once. I want to find the most effective ways to solve customer problem in real world. Learning design-thinking keep me updated with the latest trends to move forward, makes my personality factors such as confidence, initiative, and knowledge come into the play. It can be done relatively convenient to build solutions, as I keep educating myself during my spare time. I love combining what I’ve learned into real world.

On top of that, I am also very passionate in the business world. I love to watch venture capitalism series, read self-improvement books, and listen growth-business audiobooks, and many more – because I can see how amazing people solving problems from different angles. Constantly asked myself, how my customers engage with the product, is it radiate value for the users, is it communicate clearly enough, is it solving their pain & problem? The most crucial part is how to gain people trust, be the quality problem solver, and convince people with creative strategy. From implementation, ideation, inspiration, and so on, I learn to understand a product-market fit approach and be updated with the latest technology to become an Awesome Design Strategist.