What is one piece of advice for those trying to build digital transformation?

The digital transformation has been implemented a long time ago in the past to create prospective growth for business or company. The technique is gathered through a lot of data analysis and experiment of customer driven approach to generate bigger impact or long-term gains in user traffic, product enhancement, and business revenue.

The main strategy used by one company might not work in others, and it requires a deep analysis of your own customer to develop your own personalize idea that works in your business. It is an ongoing process of gathering data, prioritising jobs to be done, testing ideas, evaluating results, and analyzing feedback to enhance your product or services.

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Based on implementation, you as digital transformer will be able to find out the best strategy to grow, while also eliminating those that don’t work.New entrepreneur or small business owner, who has difficulties to spend millions of dollars for advertising, will have difficulties to compete against big brands in the market if they are just depending on traditional approach. Digital Transformation core values will help them to gain opportunity to leverage the market because it allows them to quickly testing ideas and win over speed implementation; big companies tend to take a long time to get an idea to be approved from the board of authorities, it sometimes takes weeks or months or years.

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In addition, big companies often avoid new ideas that haven’t been spreading in the market because of the risk involved and the procedure to follow. New business can get away with that, especially those who are bold, new, and initiative to gain success.

Data-driven Opportunity

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When successful ideas are being used over and over again, there is nothing special and the surprise factor is gone. You want to create an opportunity based on your own finding and research.

Focusing on your analytical skill and knowledge will help you tremendously to crack the data. If you are not from a business background, try to gather knowledge from books, Internet, or taking a course. If you are part of a team, you can also find key conversation to help you build the pictures and clear your roadblocks as much as you can.

Remember, everyone wants to become a winner. But the one who finds success is the one who have been working for the joy of winning big result and true passion for success. The most stupid idea can become a winning idea overnight, while a clever idea isn’t what customers want. You need to have a strong desire to achieve something.

How do you implement digital transformation if you are not alone?

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One opportunity might open another door to another opportunity. The product development plan should be well planed during each stages of the innovation. When your team in the organization is agile enough to react, you will be able to find a lot of opportunity appearing.

For example, you develop a plan to make your campaign become viral in the market, what do you have to do next to gather more excitement for your product? Will you give free promotion? Will you offer a new product? What do you plan to do next? Doing so will help your business to go to the next level, remove barriers for competitors, and increase traffic successfully. To be able to do this, team needs to leverage across the multiple resources towards one single focused goal. The ability to influence others to see your perspective is a very important skill that need to be mastered.

Getting to know your customer with empathy

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Time spent for building something nobody wants is very costly. Understanding your customer from seeing them as people, not as customers at first is very important. What is their drivers of change? Twenty plus years old will behave very differently compared with forty plus years old in their daily lifestyle.

Empathy is not about knowing your customer’s background and why they have to buy your product or use your services, but it is more about feeling the same feeling they felt. For example, if your target market is a teenager, and you see a spike of usage during a certain time of the week, you want to know why he gets excited with your product. What does he feel? How does your product help? If a certain pattern in the specific target group is shown you will be able to analyze information for your product.

Sometimes, your people don’t know what they want until they see your product. Then they will make a decision whether what you have is what they need. If you’re able to figure it out what they need, you will create a product that people demand.

The first step to find out about this type of audience is by creating “Persona”.

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Persona is an imaginative user created for your business. Let’s say, your target market is a college student in the city area. Start by creating names for them, what kind of lifestyle they have, what is their educational background, what is their challenge in college, and more questions.

Anna is a college student at ABC University, she wants to find a partner for ballroom dance hall, she is very ambitious but she lacks of financial management, one thing she really good at is writing research. What is her main problem? Find a partner? Financial management? Couldn’t find jobs? Build your data based on interview, research, and so on. Take a look at other persona; find the most urgent problem and start building a new solution for them.

When you start describing your persona at a generic level. Don’t worry about what people might think. Start interviewing people who matters, conduct survey with questions you want to know, and look for information of particular pattern.

Compile technical and non-technical result to build your product in the early development stage. Remember, your best adviser for your product is your customer.

Don’t expect perfect results at your first try. As long as you keep improving your way of collecting data for result, you will be able to build better products and credibility along with your finding.

What do you need to be aware?

Business requires a growing scalable plan to meet customers’ need. An online business needs a rapid technology that will handle conversion traffic; an offline business needs a scalable inventory to fulfill the customer order. If you are aware of your business scalability process, it’s important to make sure everything can be handled appropriately to maximize the impact with the right mindset.

The scalable business model doesn’t require you to have the latest technology or to stock a lot of physical product, as long as you are able to make it to grow during your business expansion to meet the demand.

Your customers will decide what are important for them, so developing the right strategies that focused on their need is key. You can start looking at your customers during their interaction with your product to see if there is any scalability opportunity. For an example, when a customer buys one of your products, can you include extra features with cheaper additional cost? Most companies often give a lot of additional features as a free promotion to create demand.

When you are aware with scalable business opportunity, digital transformation will give you a tremendous amount of potential. It is not only about the end result, but also the entire process of expanding network, leveraging opportunities, and dive deeply into creative marketing avenues. If you’re lucky your business will also get exposure and feedback from key people in the industry.

Grow your idea rapidly, but sustainability at the same time to help you analyze the data, understand your customers’ mindset, and building a great experience worth noticing in the global scale.