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Growth Mindset – San Francisco Day 2…

🔥If I can’t get you to see that Customer (User) EXPERIENCE is the lifeblood of your business – Then you will waste a lot of time and money thoughtout your business / career.

In Fact, you will likely stuck end because your business won’t survive.

I meet with an Entrepreneur who told me, “Deby, we can’t grow with Business and User Experience because we know VERY LITTLE about our customers” 😵

☀️This is a classic example of how someone starts a business. A guy works at a ecommerce store said, “I don’t need to hire employees. I could make everything by myself.” So he save his money and learn everything himself. But since he hasn’t fallen in love with UX, he thinks that his skill of selling is the key that will keep him in business. From the get-go, he sees his business as the act of “Doing What You Love” rather than Giving GREAT EXPERIENCE for his customers.

When the market is bad, it cost him opportunity cost, saving more costs by cutting their sales and marketing budget. Bad Experience is like cuttingoff oxygen to your brain. What they should have done instead is focus on Customer Experience and Product Development.

😊 The truth is, most business are Scaling and Growing BECAUSE They are doing “User Experience” secret stuff. It is not about the process / software tools at all. It is about THE STRATEGY that works.

Yes, You have to spend money for user testing, build prototype, get the customer journey going. And it’s scary to spend money on UX at first, but if you 1000% believe that creating Meaningful and Relevant Exprience is The CORE of your business, you’ll see that you have no choice. (GROWTH Mindset, not tiny mindset)

Those who enjoy benefits that others simply don’t have. They receive higher fees, referred, respected, and are thought of first. There is a secret mindset. Their story, identity, tone, covers, pictures, and message were creatively and professionally built. Become CROSS-FUNCTIONAL thinker.

1. Action Oriented Learning

2. Self Recognitions

3. Transformational Experience

4. Love Relationship

5. Knowledge Discipline

The businesses that allow their User Experience departments to become the CORE will win 💰💰💰

You are not in the business of the thing. You are in the business of giving GREAT EXPERIENCE for that thing 👍

Listen the podcast to learn more! Thank You 🙂

Business Idea UX Secrets in SAN FRANCISCO Day 1…

☀️ Let Go of ALL YOUR OPINION, It Doesn’t Matter. People are afraid to push the idea because of all opinions in the way. Ready, Fire, Aim?

What people says and what they do are sometimes completely different…

❤️ You know this, right? You ask people if they like your product ABC and they all say YES!! But then you launch the products… THEN your potential buyers tell you hmmm.. there is a problem here and there.

Flight to San Francisco…

Business innovation examples… I once worked with a Client (Now a friend) who do the opposite of all conventional wisdom, and He survives as MILLIONAIRE!

San Francisco Bus

😃 This should encourage you, because what’s matter is to solve problems and #FEARLESS to be successful in business.

It means that if you’re willing to put your opinion aside, build the business, follow the cashflow, and leverage UX Secrets to scale tremendously… the blueprint is the obvious! 👍

Your adversity is your advantage because your past has developed muscle not wounds. They are your Training Ground.
Igniting Compound Effect

  1. Am I doing that?
  2. Do I master that?
  3. Is my income prove that?

You – The Business Owner

  1. Make money from your Business and invest it
  2. Have the money you invest, make you money
  3. Sell your business


  1. Income / Save
  2. Investment
  3. Sale -> Cash / Stock

Business make money 

  1. Pay Yourself first
  2. Buy Real Estate (How to buy individual stocks?)
  3. Business have liquid event / sale

Strategy : A plan, patter, purpose, play, position, perspective to move you towards your goal.

“Competitive Strategy is about being different. It means deliberately choosing a different set of  activities to deliver a unique mix of value.” – Michael Porter

People are trying to protect you to minimise the risk. Never let doubter delay your dream. Engagement and enrolment -> Increment of Value. How do they feel? Feeling they are cared about.

Think like a leader : 1. How do I serve my customers? and 2. How do I lead my industry?

Show Up : That’s the secret to success & Be Different : Where are you going. Begin with an end in mind.

3 Areas of Growth :

  1. Financial 
  2. Spirituality 
  3. Relationship

Core Strength (Scalable)

  1. Learning -> Teaching
  2. Design -> Marketing
  3. Give -> Get (Over serve)
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🔥 Put your opinion aside and don’t be afraid to think differently to the path that have millions of dollars of evidence to back them up.