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Savvy UX Summit 2019, Bangkok, Thailand – User Experience is the new paradigm to maintain competitive advantages in the market

“$1 Invested in UX give $100 in returns” How do you measure and prove this statement?

🔥Business need user insight report, based on the number and right data. The Data transforms the experience and gives broader view of the customer insight.

User Experience + Data + Business = Storytelling and Strategy

Customer centricity is the key:

  1. Have a strategic vision to guide you
  2. Take an ‘outside in’ perspective on your business that’s data informed
  3. Research, test, learn, and adjust as necessary.
  4. Build a product that helps and inspires customers long-term.
  5. Learn to love your customers and business.

Research and Design Synthesis: Meeting the customer needs and build experience according to that needs.

Value in Design, Diversity in Strength.
Value delivering over perfection. Continual Learning.

UX Talent = Skillsets + Mindset

  1. Brainstorming / Making a lot of choices, build on other people’s ideas.
  2. Visualising your ideas in short time.
  3. Make an idea tangible, experience it and learn more
How do you deliver the insights to the people who are not UX?

Product + Excellence = The practice of creating and outstanding object or service to serve a need or satisfy a wants.

“Product excellence is NOT a checklist. It is a culture.”
What does UX Means to you? And how you apply it in your job? How does it impact the business?
Design Education = How to turn complex informations into experiences (not only beautiful drawing)

Education System + Collaborate together + New Values = ROI $$$ Generated

Having the big picture on the mind (Strategic & Execution):
  1. Don’t show UX Process first
  2. Get Data that support your strategy first
  3. Find ways to collaborate to make experiences.

Critical User Journey = User role (Who is my user, what is their context) + Goal (What is customer wants)

“What you measure is what you get.” Data informed.

“Ask a lot of why and say No if necessary.”
  1. Align on product excellence means
  2. Know your users
  3. Teach people how to fish.
Power distance: The extent to which the less powerful members of institution and organisations within country being perceived (Values and numbers, dimension)
Design and Development: How does user from different countries are gonna use that.
Design Practitioners: Getting through the process of getting good at something.
Design for performance: User performance & Business performance
Comparative value in development approaches: Results of using all the ingredients for success, experimentally strategically, catalyse your transformation

Innovate for the scale of startup. Design for the scale of enterprise.

1. How do you convince the value of UX?
  • Work hard and show the results before the power is given
  • Create value, find ways, design the visibility, show them the way.
  • Build the case of UX, show leadershop, long-term usage of the product
  • Talk the business language, instead of UX Jargons
  • Tell good story, real story. Quality of the story.
2. What makes you keep innovate day after day after failing?
  • Failure is a good things because it opens to your learning
  • Mistake is an opportunity to learn to become successful
  • Not necessary failure but finding different path
  • Leadership, environment, what’s my personal purpose?
  • Make sure you learn from the same mistake.
3. One biggest – key takeaways for UX Designers?
Designers, look at something and ask, “Why is it like that?”
  • UX Superpower think holistically and brings everything together, create the story
  • Challenge assumption. As the right questions
  • Don’t fear change, expand your skillsets beyond what you can read today.

Be Bold. Challenge Yourself. Go Further.

Find ways to make it happen.

Flush your ego down the toilet, and listen more.
“Why these people (Stakeholders / managements / users) say no? What can you fix and learn from that situation.

Doing Research + Synergy better with transparency

😊Design Thinking Asia 2019 for UX and Business Leaders. Think about business value, return on investment, and the technology involved. 👍

Most of the organisation simplified the overall design process by following methodology such as design thinking, agile, etc.

However, The business ecosystem is very complex and full of stakeholders involved, not only designers.

We measure key metrics such as:

  1. Conversion
  2. Adoption
  3. Time spent
  4. Drop off rate
  5. and Many more…

☀️However, What IF the stakeholders and other members don’t understand the value that designers bring? They think only the top layers, designers only provide deliverables such as UI design, visual design, interaction and so on.

So as a designer, we have to think deeply…

  1. How to connect the underneath design layers such as Design / Business Metrics alignment, Design Strategy, Information Architectures, and more?
  2. How to influence stakeholders with Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust?

So the design team is delivering more impact on the business as well. (UX ROI)

🔥We have to understand the business ecosystem, not only care about customers, but also sellers, logistics, operations, and everyone inside the ecosystem.

DREAM BIG, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Alibaba’s Global Headquarters at Hangzhou, China

😍 Inside The Awesome Alibaba’s Global Headquarters’ – XiXi Campus in HangZhou, China. As eCommerce giant in a connected environment where everyone can thrive and help propel one of the world’s fastest and largest internet companies. 👍

😊DREAM BIG, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Alibaba’s Global Headquarters at Hangzhou, China, it’s more than just an office – It’s an incubator for all things Tech! Design for Lazada into #1 E-Commerce in Asia 👍

Beat The Drum for Double 11” Victory:

  1. Facial recognition security access
  2. Seamless, auto-payment for food
  3. Autonomous vehicles everywhere
  4. Retail tech: virtually try on clothes
  5. Alibaba’s hotel of the future, Flyzoo
  6. and So many More…

My UX Director’s Great Hospitality, “Deby like to eat fish, Let’s order Most Famous HangZhou Huge Fish Soup for her.” 🥰❤️

🔥The UED team works ceaselessly to transform deep customer insights and complex problem into delightful product experiences and great services that drive business results and customer satisfaction.

Please answer these questions:

  1. What is the experience our customers have today?
  2. What could or should it be improved tomorrow?

We specifically focused on business goal, user needs and technology capabilities – how we can align all the crucial elements and bring more value to the world.

Alibaba Business Trip to Shenzhen, China’s Tech Megacity 👍 On the road to make Lazada #1 eCommerce in Asia.

😍Live Seriously, Work Happily – Alibaba Business Trip to Shenzhen, China’s Tech Megacity 👍On the road to make Lazada #1 eCommerce in Asia.

Why UED + Customer Experience is very important in the future of business performance and innovation?

🔥As Jack Ma’s said in his Alibaba Philosophy, “Customer First, Employees Second, and Shareholder Third.” We are really empathises and care about our customer experience.

Empathy with customers, step on their shoes to experience what they have to go through before we design something for them.

🌻Bring other designers, stakeholders and team into the conversation, brainstorm alternative metrics, and make a case for how those might be better indicators of success.