I design lots of different kinds of things such as the responsive website, mobile app, data visualisations, social innovation campaign, FinTech – eCommerce project, and a whole bunch of other things to help people and business to grow exponentially.

Mainly produce around user-experience design, latest technology, and profitable business. I like to think that when I design, I’m doing it with all my brain and heart – even for things as simple as creating a birthday invitation for my six years old nephew!

When I think about design thinking, I think about it as a way that people use to efficiently discover and create and test out ideas, especially in the areas of how they affect the customer experience.

I think designing is about finding unique opportunities. So there’s an opportunity for me to help you live your life better, to promote your business to grow, to help increase the quality many aspects in the world.


Many people told me, design to make something PRETTY. Yes, I do agree, we designers have to make things visually pleasing, on top of that, we also have to think about the Experiences, Interactions, Communications, Influences, and more! 

Have you ever wondering, why two product like mobile phones, one can be valued so highly like Apple, and the other assessed generally? It is not because of the cost of the product, but because the design, the experience, the influence are shaping the entire user-satisfaction. If I think about it as a chance, then I can start thinking about different users, markets, ideas, technologies, and putting them together.

What’s the opportunity to use the design in the context of, processing a payment or online shopping more enjoyable experience?

When I am thinking about designing great products for the marketplace, I have to consider about three aspects of it. How it benefits people (user-experience), What the interaction behind it (technology) and Why we are giving the best solution (business proposition). Like I use a product or service – and I feel right about to choose it.

The meaning of a product/service affects the people use it in ways that are almost subconscious. The area where designers need to spend a lot of time, especially if you want to make a product that’s a breakthrough and changes the way people live their lives.


The digital technology adds more data and more complications. The only way to know that your design is useful and powerful is to test it with users.

The less complicated a solution is, the more natural it feels, the less they’re even aware of it, the more useful the answer can be. That’s when we get to learn about the effectiveness of our impact on the world. Thank You 🙂

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