Beginner’s Guide to Design the Content Strategy

Content Strategy is the art of clear communication. Content strategy is about bringing the right content to the right person at the right time, in the right context, and making sure it’s accurate, up-to-date, and appropriate through ongoing engagement.
Content Models -> Set Priority.
Anything that communicates or transfers meaningful information to a person.

Content strategy is about giving the message the best possible chance of reaching its intended audience.

Useful and Usable. Fully understood and accessed.
Useful Content -> Great Sales Pitch -> Great Marketing

Creation and Delivery :

  1. The content creator and their intention
  2. The audience needs and desires
  3. Channels and mediums the content lives in
  4. The people and process that produce the content
  5. Planning for and management of the content

Content Management Information Architecture

The structural design of shared information to support usability and findability.
Content Audit -> Channels / Social Media

Competitive Analysis : Looking at your closest competitor to make sure you provide better content, that fills the gaps they have in their content.

Proprietary Ideas

Something that is exclusive to you that no one else has.
Design Process : Evaluate (Research & Analysis) – Design (Planning & Structure) – Execute (Create & Publish)

People, Motivations and Goals : (Based on primary and secondary goal)

  1. Educate yourself on the project and its goals
  2. What makes this audience unique and how does it connected with your product / service

Education – Every Project is Unique :

  1. Personalise
  2. Customise
  3. Accessibility
Share The Big Idea :