Visionary Innovation, The idea of FREEDOM INNOVATION

How to make Design at the Center of the Innovation :

  1. Freedom to fail
  2. Freedom to act
  3. Freedom to organise and reorganise
  4. Freedom to operate
  5. Freedom to attack, self-disrupt with our own idea

Intimate Design – Get closer to people

  1. Get Current – communicate continuously
  2. Go Interactive – Workshop & Collaboration
  3. Go Ambient (Immediate surrounding or something) – Immersion (Deep involvement in something) & Stimulating (Encouraging interest or enthusiasm)

Design the Impact, NOT the Product

Iterative : rule that can be applied repeatedly / frequently.
The Product : Detailed design, production engineering, manufacturing ramp, & hit sales target
The Impact : Create core strategy, build brand foundation, ramp design capabilities, find product-market fit, & jumpstart community outreach.
Information Architecture Questions :
  1. How do we structure content for easy access and understanding?
  2. What is the nature of each piece of content?
  3. How do we accommodate each piece of content?
  4. What is the next thing the audience will look for or need?

THE NEXT BIG – The voice and tone of a brand should be AUTHENTIC & CONSISTENT – Build connection that matters (Brand Personality)

Style Guide : The manual for content creation : How does the content should be written or presented for overall look, feel, and experience of the project.

Design Sprint is a process that serves our purpose, not the other way round : Build Prototype – Learn (from shitty idea to shinny idea)
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