😍 Inside The Awesome Alibaba’s Global Headquarters’ – XiXi Campus in HangZhou, China. As eCommerce giant in a connected environment where everyone can thrive and help propel one of the world’s fastest and largest internet companies. 👍

😊DREAM BIG, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Alibaba’s Global Headquarters at Hangzhou, China, it’s more than just an office – It’s an incubator for all things Tech! Design for Lazada into #1 E-Commerce in Asia 👍

Beat The Drum for Double 11” Victory:

  1. Facial recognition security access
  2. Seamless, auto-payment for food
  3. Autonomous vehicles everywhere
  4. Retail tech: virtually try on clothes
  5. Alibaba’s hotel of the future, Flyzoo
  6. and So many More…

My UX Director’s Great Hospitality, “Deby like to eat fish, Let’s order Most Famous HangZhou Huge Fish Soup for her.” 🥰❤️

🔥The UED team works ceaselessly to transform deep customer insights and complex problem into delightful product experiences and great services that drive business results and customer satisfaction.

Please answer these questions:

  1. What is the experience our customers have today?
  2. What could or should it be improved tomorrow?

We specifically focused on business goal, user needs and technology capabilities – how we can align all the crucial elements and bring more value to the world.

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