As entrepreneurs begin to embark transformative plan to set up ideas from zero to one, we collaborate in Business – Design – Technology during the process of identifying problems designing solutions to come up with ‘Breakthrough Ideas’ for growth impact.

DESIGN THINKING: No Idea – Identifying the real user problems – Goal: Understand User Need (1 week to 3 months research)

TEAM: Entrepreneurs, UX Researcher, Stakeholders, Corporate Strategy, Business Experts, and a lot of users (for interviews).

We walk entrepreneurs through proven footstep for inspiration, user-problem, idea generation, prototyping and testing. We do a lot of user interviews, market research, hypothesis (assumptions) to understand user pain points.

According to Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, “design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.”

LEAN UX (Google Sprint) : Generate a lot of ideas – Test which ideas work – Goal: Validating Solution with Rapid Prototyping. (5 days to 3 months sprints)

TEAM: Entrepreneurs & Team, Software Engineer, Visual/Interaction Designer, Product Specialist / Corporate Strategist, Business Experts, and a lot of users (for testing).

As development is very costly, it takes a lot of time and resources, we can’t jump to Agile Development yet. Instead we do rapid prototyping, cheap and fast, turning ideas into something tangible to test whether idea/proposed solution works in the user mind. We continuously test – learn – iterate towards product and market fit.

We can test anything rapidly across problem, solution, multiple customer segment, distribution channels, revenue business model, and many more in order to validate solution and ideas that works.

AGILE DEVELOPMENT (Scrum): After we validate solution that work – Goal: Build Minimum Viable Product (MVP),  Break down complex project into simple task (3 – 12 months continuous iterations)

TEAM: Entrepreneur & Team, Software Engineers Team, UX/Visual/Interaction Design Team, Product Specialist / Corporate Strategist, Business Experts, QA Testers, and a lot of users (for feedbacks).

We collaborate with cross-functional team to do frequent and incremental delivery of product, ongoing reassessment of and adaptation of plans. A lot of entrepreneurs start jumping into building solution without understand user needs and validating ideas, this creates lack of subsequential progress to create solution that solve user-problem.

Once we understand user need and validate the solution, we can start deliver proposed features and do a incremental enhancement based on user feedback. Based on ideas and feedback, we can decide to do pivot or keep iterating.

GROWTH HACKING: After we build MVP – Based on Data/Feedbacks – We continuously think and measure the go-to-market strategy – Expand and Scale (6 months to 1 year and continue to expand)

TEAM: Entrepreneur & Team, Technology Team, UX Design Team, Product Specialist / Corporate Strategist, Business Experts, QA Testers, Social Media, Digital Marketers, Data Scientist, and a lot of users (for feedbacks) – the team are unlimited here.

We understand user need, validate ideas that work, and build minimum viable product to go to market. The next step is to get ongoing feedback, adapt and deliver precisely to continuously expand and scale.

We design and develop value for customers, increase revenue, reduce profits, and expand the market share. We give the team the opportunity to do more rewarding and fulfilling work.

Conclusion: We are maximising value creation, we do things fast and continuous iteration for transformation. At its core, Design Thinking – Lean UX (Google Sprint) – Agile Development – Growth Hacking will help us to deliver value and gaining prominence in the marketplace.

Thank You.

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