How agile team use their knowledge to think about growth. It goes beyond what is expected in terms of product roadmap, distribution channel, and technology exposure. The first key is to develop core strength identity inside your team.

Being part of the team, everyone is responsible for growth. For example, a designer might use attractive visual design to gather visitors in the acquisition stage, a developer might develop technology that distributes payment system using social media triggers in the revenue stage, and a product specialist might develop a creative marketing campaign in the referral stage.

If you are working by yourself then you need to develop your core skill by wearing many hats at once. If you are part of a team, works on developing the core DNA inside your team so that everyone is responsible to find ways for powerful growth hack.

From understanding your customers, engaging in social media, doing content marketing, and many more, you can learn across the board by yourself over time. Please take a look at yourself, is there any set a skill you are really good at and extremely unique about yourself?

You can be a talented artist or genius copywriter, or maybe everyone praises your public speaking talent to persuade others? Look at your day-to-day activities in your job description. What are you doing in your spare time and happily doing so? What kind of skill people is willing to pay you for your talent? When is your focused time to do a specific task at hand?

Many of your core skills are based on proficiency, but as the time grows in growth hacking, it will be very beneficial to start with your core skill set and develop learning habits for other subjects in the long run.

Being comfortable in uncertainty is essential for measuring the willingness to success. To make everyone being part of a team, start to think what kind of environment that can create deliberate and purposeful engineering for growth. Your team’s diligence combines with the right mindset for growth will help your team tremendously.

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