Make Your Team Members Have the Ownership with UX Design

Every time your members in contact within your business, it is an opportunity for an engaging design process. It goes beyond the key features of the product to decide what will motivate your team to be happy and what might encourage them to share ideas. When you understand the right elements at the right time for your team, you are developing credibility to earn their loyalty and turning them into brand influencers as well.

This is what I learned: that everybody is talented, original and has something important to say. – Brenda Ueland

Now, let’s talk about your experience with your favorite brand. What kind of experience worth sharing that your favorite brand did for you? For example, giving you free limited edition goods during your birthday or simply having an awesome customer service during your contact with them.

Because the sharing moment is so rewarding, people always have a tendency to tell others what we feel and think. The sharing moment is an opportunity to grow with less advertising cost because it feels beyond designing a great product. Do what’s awesome for your people to build incredible experience within their own moment with your company, a must-have moment for them to share within their own knowledge, you’re on the right track on getting growth for your brand.

Remember, if you are planning to plan a surprise, you must decide whether you are going to all your people at once, or only specific people within your reach. By doing without direction, you are on risk of getting mediocre results instead of something worth doing. Try to think in terms of what makes them feel special such as being limited-premium member, having free-birthday invitation for sales, and more examples to run your leadership process.

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