Written By : Claire Chan Myae Thu and Deby Joevita

Most people view leadership as an opportunity to ask people to do things or just delegate the tasks. Nevertheless, leadership has been mistaken by most people.

Some people like to lead other as it gives them authoritative figure. Leadership actually is not about following the authority, but it is all about the whole team where every member is working together towards the objectives of the team.Therefore, every team members should have good leadership skill without acting like a superior, but as a team player.

One cannot be a great leader without being a great team player. Some people like to play as a team leader because they think that leading the team means assigning the tasks to people. In reality, the team leader has many more responsibilities than the rest of the team. What the leader cares about, and doing only what the leader says is a sign of bad leadership.

There is a thin line between managing people and leading people; in other words, the difference between manager and leader. Manager: who just delegate the tasks without taking responsibilities. When the team fails, they blame the team. Leader: who leads the team taking full responsibility. When the team fails or face the challenge, the team can use them as a human shield.

Real and efficient leadership is never about the leader at all. A true leader delivers him/herself into the development of the people they lead by adding value to their lives as much as possible.

Not only do they welcome the views or feedback from the team, they also take the action based on those opinions from the members.

They make sure that all the team member’s voices has been heard. They do not make the decision solely based on their views or emotion.

They take into account the suggestions from the team. However, they are responsible for all the decisions they made even when the team make the wrong decision. They are ready to take the blame and protect the team.

A great leader builds the legacy by growing people who follow them. Thanks for reading 🙂

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