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How to encourage young generation to read more digital news? BBC ON ME is a digital platform to access all personalized content in one single platform. News is more than a collection of information. It provides insight into societal circumstances, reveals connection behind the story and hierarchy of consequence. By reducing complexity, the visualization of images inside the content becomes more visible.

BBC uses cookies to store information every time a user visited the site to deliver all news in the same category for their next visit. Tailored to suit every user needs with a different front-view in each visit, users will make a continuous effort to come back and be updated.

I love to consume stories in the digital spaces. However, many of the media information gives a very little opportunity for engagement. It’s still behaving like traditional media in the internet. Yes, I can post comment or clicking “like” button or share in the social media. But it gives me very little chance to connect, participate, and build relationship with fellow readers and authors for consuming real information.

I love BBC, it is very informational and a lot of good content are there. So I created new self project redesign BBC Media for millennials, called BBC On Me. The purpose is to generate active contribution from new generation to not only reading news, but also to encourage them to think, participate, and engage connection in the digital space. It should be an active fun community where people can exchange ideas and see others point of view creatively.

The key message here is to close the barriers between technology, young people, and the world using the media. “How can our voices being heard? What is the purpose of learning? Can we as a young people be a part of change as well? How can I know if the news is relevant?”

BBC On Me will not only get diversity of input but also deliver diversity of output for all readers. It allows the young generation to interact, to learn, and to build strong community ties, loyalty, and connected with the world. Technology is emerging; make the world to be more innovative. By engaging and reading great news, we can open the brilliant mind in young generation to produce possibilities.

It is a new idea to improve young people life by delivering content that is focused, personalized, and engaged.

1. Focused.

BBC On Me gives less but meaningful content to reduce information overload. Users will be presented with “less” but will be able to focus to grasp “more” information by understanding what’s really matter in every content updates every time they visits.

2. Personalized

within a lot of range of choices, a user will be able to choose to have updates on entertainment only, whereas other user prefers updates on politics and entertainment. By applying personalized content, BBC as a broadcast medium can help to improve youth life by creating opportunities for learning.

3. Engaged.

Better engagement with real young people is not only about providing them with information, but also to support them as a cause for change. To engage more effectively, we can show them the way to do something for the world, such as supporting content, providing feedback, scoring the article, and so on.

Users can participate and make the contribution back to the society by reading, scoring and supporting the article for the next reader. The feedback collected will help the next readers to gain valuable information by engaging inside the story. BBC provides opportunity to share aspirations worldwide.

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Date: March 7, 2016

Category: Responsive Website