• Design Sprint & Hackathon – Vietnam

What can you Learn outside comfort zones in 3 Days? A Looot!

Reapra Tech Hackathon Vietnam

Worth of Learning By Doing Technology + UX process + Business Model (Full of surprises).

We start the event with panel discussion and Q&A to discuss about what problem worth solving. Some also have team up to do user research and get to know each other prior to the event. Meeting team members early on help to ease their anxiety and give confidence boost.

With a little planning, we can be more productive and having fun in the process!

“How do I generate results with minimum resources?”
“How to solve the complex problem?”

  1. Create The Vision & Customer Journey Map
  2. Ask experts, “How Might We”, Vote!
  3. Solve The Biggest Challenge with Crazy 8s
  4. Design The Storyboard of The Full Solutions
  5. Build Prototype, User Testings and Get Feedbacks!

Complex problem solving can range from exploring an abstract problem in new industry, to experimenting with a number of solutions, and learning continuously to create solution in the marketplace.


Technology and User Experience (UX) keep on evolving. A lot of user behaviour have changed rapidly. We need to Learn FAST to contribute and communicate in rapid-changing world in promising Market.


Expect the unexpected. A lot of team need to pivot their ideas after they figured it out that it doesn’t meet user needs. A lot of hypothesis are not true (imagine spending 6 months to build something nobody wants!), and require extra research.

Innovation: Is it an amazing new opportunity?

Business Value: Does it create value, solve problems, and fill the gap?

User Experience: Does it easy to use and delightful?

The comparison with your competitors will bring you at the competitive edge of the market you are trying to capture. It’s easy to follow what your competitors are doing, especially when you are just new in the business. However, you are also risking your business to just being a duplication product/service in the market offering. 

What you want to do for your early growth is to find your valid strategy with your creative process to let your customers experiencing your brand. The easiest way to just keep an eye on what your competitors are doing is to become their clients, subscribe to their marketing list, and understand their marketing strategies to win over the market.

One way to understand your competitors’ tone of voice marketing strategy is by looking at how they present themselves on the market.

It is crucial to see how the market is doing, but keep focusing on to deliver the best experience possible for your brand to grow.

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.
– Paul Bryant


– In Only 60 Hours +

1. Learning By Doing : Engineers, HR, Product Managers, QA, and plenty of rockstars – even though they are “Shy” force themselves to get out of their comfort zones and meet at least a few people along the ways.

2. Mastery in Entrepreneurship : Started with an idea that discussed well and passionate in the field they are interested in. Having a mentor in the team is super helpful, we always try to learn from different perspectives so we can build cohesive work. It’s good to treat every project as a potential business opportunity.

3. Expanding the Universe : Surprisingly common that some members think their skills are normal and they won’t be able to make meaningful contribution to the team. However, that’s why we are doing these together, to fill each other strength and weaknesses, to expand our universe beyond our job scope.

4. Managing Emotions : You learn to manage the tasks, share the workload, and get along in a stressful environment with limited resources. Sometimes the business model sucks, things don’t work out, your teammate is tired or frustrated. Going through this experience together let you manage emotions for long-term.

5. Communication : “What do you think about this idea?” “How can I start the code development?” – The situations forces you to be open and share what you are thinking and doing. Communicate often and improve skills in lively discussion!

6. Time Management : Various skill levels will likely be jumping in and build something together. If we spend a lot of time on product development – as long as we are considering the time that it takes to do – we can learn about time management.

7. Leadership Mindset : Everyone is open to learning, engage in lively discussion and take leadership of their idea. Having someone who understood the end goal, and the means to reach it, overseeing the project contributed to our success.


Beyond the knowledge and experience, we practice the emphasised of a good Learning By Doing.

We love challenges that can make us better. The great works and learning are the highest rewards, the prizes are the extra bonuses, and the event itself is an excitement! 💡

You want to turn your customers into influencers as soon as possible.

An influencer is someone who can persuade other people to believe in your product.

Through active and passive efforts, these influencers will create numerous opinions regarding your product, either good or bad which will help you to build your brand awareness.

To identify your core influencers, let’s take a look at your customers online and offline circles. Conduct some research who are your most active and loyal customer, offer them a privileged opportunity by giving a limited-edition product or create a premium feature for them to use. People are very interested in turning themselves into influencers when they develop incredible experience with your brand especially when you emotionally connect with them at their core level.

Giving them incentives by generating special opportunities to share within their demographic area for physical product or globally for downloadable features. Keep them involved in any interaction with your brand, and they will turn become the strongest influencers for your brand awareness.

You don’t want to do it forcefully to share good things about your brand; you want the sharing moment comes from their heart and be an authentic and authoritative brand for rapid growth.

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Date: February 15, 2019

Category: Business Innovation