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How can we improve delivery experience?

Whether consumers are researching, evaluating, or purchasing products in the storefront, their expectations about product availability, free delivery, return policies, and payment options are aligned. These all complexity vary between regions in SEA, omni-challenges efficiency for cost-effective and profitable manner.

Simplified and automated process in each touch points for logistic and delivery experience. Listen to user feedbacks and understand how they use the platforms, quicker process of online orders.

Despite the complexity I’ve described, the logistic is the area where companies can be most innovative—thinking of new ways in which to improve their customer and user experience and affect the ground foundations.

Ease of use and learnibility is the critical component of successful adoption… new replatforming of Lazada logistic in SEA, and the combination of UX strategy and design services are necessary to achieve the vision.

Southeast Asia: Challenges of the Delivery Promise & Last Mile
Even though the distance an item travels may be significantly longer prior to this final step of delivery to the customer, the last mile presents major issue.

For example in Big cities in SEA: including congestion in urban areas, distance in remote areas, invalid or incorrect address details, hard-to-locate destinations, custom buying preferences during campaigns and if person not available to accept delivery.

Data Monitoring design (not real data)

Dashboard design (not real data)

Design Hierarchy

Show difference importance level from the top left, move towards the bottom right direction. More to less important level.
Group information into categories and display them in different views.


Align visually to make it a balanced look. From grid views use similar visualisation and layout between groups. Every visual elements and interaction design present meaningful and important information.


Understandable, present complex information in simple and ease to use form. Reduce clutter by removing unrelated content.

Delivery Details (Web & App)

Courier Chatbot

Redmart Delivery - Courier Observation

View my recent trip to Alibaba headquarter here: Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

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Date: May 26, 2021

Category: Business Innovation, Mobile App