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Redefining Mobile Payment in Asia

Liquid Pay is a mobile payment platform designed to make payments easier, faster and more rewarding. We bring consumers digital payment options to buy anything, from anyone, from anywhere – safely and securely. Available in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Agile Team, Two Operative systems (IOS and Android), clean and reliable product – Mobile Payment Lifestyle.

Process: The initial stage of the project revolved around designing, developing and shaping every instance of the mobile payment experience. We wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding that gap between what the users needed and what the service offered before coming up with a new approach.

If we were to re-design mobile payment we had to come up with, validate a series of hypothesis. We needed to gain an in-depth insight of users, their language, and their thought process. Only then we would start making decisions.

Product – Market Fit

One opportunity might open another door to another opportunity. The product development plan should be well planed during each stages of the customer journey. When our team is agile enough to react, we find a lot of opportunity appearing.

When we developed a plan to make a campaign become viral in the market, we asked ourselves what do we have to do next to gather more excitement for our product? Do we need to give free promotion? Will we offer a new benefits? What are our next strategy? Doing so helped our business to go to the next level, removed barriers for competitors, and increased traffic successfully.

We don’t want to spend time to build something nobody wants. Understanding our customer, see them as people, not only as customers at first is very important.

Empathy is not about knowing customer’s background, or why they have to buy our product and services, it is more about feeling the same feeling they felt. One of our target market is a teenager and we see a spike of usage during a certain time of the week, we want to know why he gets excited with our product. What does he feel? How does our product help? If a certain pattern in the specific target group is shown, we will be able to analyze information for our product.

Sometimes, people don’t know what they want until they see the product. Then they will make a decision whether what we have is what they need. If we’re able to figure it out what they need, we will create a product that people demands.



Intro Pages

The intro pages introduce and describe what the mobile app can do. The use beautiful background photography, optimize the use of bold colors, typography, extra-large icons and white space to make an impression with visitors. We keeps readers informed in very creative and unexpected ways.

App Stores

It’s extremely challenging to introduce an app, describe its value, and offer it for download on a single page while maintaining visual clarity.

Previewing an app’s capabilities is an important feature of the design content. Following the splash, Liquid pay introduces visitors to its app, brand, and values with many features, highlighting the company’s philosophy of mobile lifestyle.

Convert, Track, and Analyze the Data

Tracking the events that happened in the past is the easiest way to predict the ongoing pattern what could happen in the future. We may see a sudden jump in traffic in certain area. By digging into the source, we can start to identify where to focus on our UX strategy.

The data collected is used for analysis, segmentation, and development for growth hacking, minimize the risk involved.


Design Business Opportunity

Business requires a growing scalable plan to meet customers’ need. An online business needs a rapid technology that will handle conversion traffic; an offline business needs a scalable inventory to fulfill the customer order. When we are aware of our business scalability process, it’s important to make sure everything can be handled appropriately to maximize the impact.

Customers will decide what are important for them, so developing growth hacking strategies that focused on their need is key. Growth hacking give us not only a tremendous amount of potential but also exposure and feedback from key people in the industry.

We start looking at our customers during their interaction with our product to see if there is any scalability opportunity. For an example, when a customer buys one of our products, can we include extra features with cheaper additional cost? Most companies often give a lot of additional features as a free promotion to create demand.

Not only the end result that matter, but also the entire process of expanding networks, leveraging opportunities, and diving deeply into creative marketing avenues.

The online scalable business model doesn’t depend on the latest technology or the stock of physical products, as long as we are able to meet the demand during our business expansion. Grow rapidly, but sustainable at the same time, understand our customers’ mindset, and keep building a great experience worth noticing in the global scale.


Focusing on our analytical skill and knowledge helped us tremendously to crack the data.

Not everyone are coming from a business background, so try to gather knowledge from books, Internet, or taking a course. We also find key conversation to help us build the pictures and clear our roadblocks as much as we can.

User experience starts with a mindset, a willingness to experiment new ideas instead of following list of instruction in the market to create innovative solutions. We need to understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it based on the data that we have. Being part of the organization requires us to listen from every member of the team, unless if you are starting your project by your own, the process will be easier so the actual process for product development should go a little bit further.

Along the way, we spent a lot of amount of time for analyzing data, gathering information, looking for pattern, and testing ideas. It might sound troublesome and frustrating at first, but the longer we take to pave the way, we have gained an education for long-term benefits.

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Date: June 8, 2017

Category: Mobile App