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How to engage girls worldwide who don’t have access to education?

LiveClass Learning App is an online digital classroom for every girl worldwide to develop knowledge, insight and confidence through personal learning in education, through engagement in-group collaboration, and through result validation in their global-network. It reduces the barrier for girls who can’t attend school because of work, fees, and transportation. It removes the stigma that girls who can’t attend school, can’t find real friends to study together. It proves that education can change someone’s life because result-validation is granted. It opens the opportunity for initiatives, organization, and campaign worldwide to use technology to get and keep girls in education and learning.

What is the reason for LiveClass Digital Education idea?

The main aim for global education charity is to transform picture and to develop aspiration for every girl worldwide. The idea for personal learning for individuals, making friends within your age range, and validation recognition from their community are very important parts that shape every girl’s future. It unites millions people worldwide to believe, to support, to help, to donate, and to advance the cause. The right brand can help us not only doing charity but also changing every girl mindset to push the boundaries for what’s possible because they are as valuable as any other boys in this world.

Idea Development

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Date: March 1, 2016

Category: Mobile App, Responsive Website