Singapore Design Week – Upgrade Your Digital Mindset!

  • Singapore Design Week – Upgrade Your Digital Mindset!

When you are overwhelming with tons of ideas, your priorities must be the number of resources you need to accomplish your desired goals.

What you want to do for your early growth is to find your valid strategy with your creative process to let your customers experiencing your brand.

The easiest way to just keep an eye on what your competitors are doing is to become their clients, subscribe to their marketing list, and understand their marketing strategies to win over the market.

The comparison with your competitors will bring you at the competitive edge of the market you are trying to capture. It’s easy to follow what your competitors are doing, especially when you are just new in the business. However, you are also risking your business to just being a duplication product/service in the market offering.

It might be tempting to walk half way and want to do different ideas, but the remaining effort is where most your effort will present the right factors for achieving high growth.

When planning or approaching multiple ideas will drive you to many objectives to optimize your product, the methods you take for analyzing your data can make you abandon the value of what’s matter. Start by prioritizing your desired goal first.

Now, Growth Hacking isn’t also only trying one idea and sits waiting for the result, but it is the idea of the uniqueness-level for each step taken to deliver results. From putting thought into the live test, analyze the information, and always refining your skills, each needs a great concentration rather than do it all at once and leave your results hanging nowhere.


Partnership or co-creation is a connection that can benefit businesses tremendously. The partnership has to give mutual advantages for everyone involved to establish credential. A good partnership will add value to existing result and enhance existing validation in the market.

Let’s explore strategic partnership in depth. How will this partnership benefit your business? How will this partnership benefit my partner in business? How will this partnership keep adding value to customers? What kind of credibility that this partnership will bring to the table? Any partnership that brings a balanced result in term of time, cost, energy, and resources will be an important element for your business.


When you reach a potential partner, you want to start breaking down the motivation how everyone can contribute to the business. Perhaps you can give your expertise in exchange for your Real-world’s customer base, or perhaps your business can create new campaign idea in exchange for being part of your partner’s new business offering.

Write your partner’s options and yours in a few bullet points to consider everyone’s interest in mind. The biggest benefits should also become the foundation for customers’ advantages too. At the final stages, your partnership should leverage growth opportunity at a maximum level for future expansion.

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.
– Paul Bryant

Your business has a brand image in the customers’ mind. A good brand image will bring your business to the next level when a bad brand image brings disadvantage for your business. You need to focus on long-term strategy in your marketing landscape and not trying to go for spams or dishonest marketing tactics to leverage opportunities.

In the past, many SEO hats were using keywords third-party the images to rank highly in the search engine; it has Coca-Cola brand because the hidden “unrelated” keywords are there to cheat how they rank and make them penalize in Google. You need to push the boundaries without upsetting the other party when bringing your authority in the market for growth.

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Date: March 19, 2019

Category: Business Innovation