• SPH FastJobs App

SPH FastJobs App

FastJobs is a new mobile application for non-executive jobs in Singapore, build for Singapore Press Holding. Designing User Experience for the newest mobile application, FastJobs. Building the brand interface and interaction design from 0 to a lot of users in 1 year period. FastJobs aims to bring simplicity and convenience to the world of job seekers and employers with its intuitive online platform. The user experiences drives numerous positive engagement for the users and employers to use the app and share it with others.

SPH Digital Awards 2016:
Creativity Award – Best Campaign Team
Innovation Award – Best New Product Team
Innovation Award – Best Innovation Team

The 10 Annual W3 Awards 2015:
Mobile Features – Best Visual Design – Aesthetic
Mobile Apps/Sites – Services

The Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2015:
Best App by a Media Owner


Brand Personality

The illustrations worked with the loud and fun character of the shouts. To give personality to the brand, we created a series of characters that reflected the fun, sociable and minimalistic side of FastJobs!

UX Design

The center of our work in designing the app was simplifying the experience. We constantly wondered what was important for the users, and always arrived at two significant points: searching and applying suitable career opportunities.

App Development

We build data structures that were being used at that moment and improve native components for performance and usability. We performed into account all the elements necessary to achieve the best functioning without bothering users.

In the UI/UX design, there are many questions and consideration that can serve as good springboards of building user flow. What’s should be hidden/visible? What screens appeared and how it behave when it is closed?

The key considerations is to ensure the design helps the users understanding the multiple layers of content without having to think so hard. Sometimes people need to be guided how to consume the functionality for the first time. In the information testing, we should not just give our product and say, “Do whatever you want…” To early adopters. Instead we should keep observing how to can we enhance our product better to design smarter interactive experience.

Early communications will help us to identify the potential directions, information, and the next steps to create delightful and captivating experiences. In the creative industry, it’s often called “Reshaping Navigation Interactions.”

The Key Insight: Your brand goals, web usability, functionality, consistency, learnability, and user feedback. Interaction design shows us how to respond and generate a conversation with every user in the digital environment.

These days, I am learning a lot about design thinking because I can see different perspective by wearing many hats at once. I want to find the most effective ways to solve customer problem in real world. Learning design-thinking keep me updated with the latest trends to move forward, makes my personality factors such as confidence, initiative, and knowledge come into the play. It can be done relatively convenient to build prototype, as I keep educating myself during my spare time. I love combining what I’ve learned into real world.

Constantly asked myself, how my customers engages with my product, is it radiate value for users, is it communicate clearly enough, is it solve their pain problem? The most crucial part is how to gain people trust, be the quality problem solver, and convince people with creative strategy. From implementation, ideation, inspiration, and so on, I learn to understand a market-in approach and be updated with the latest technology to become an awesome designer.


Date: May 5, 2017

Category: Mobile App, Responsive Website, Visual Print