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STJobs website, belongs to Singapore Press Holdings, has a facelift and added several new functions such as personalization of information on the jobs, how many people have applied for the same job, and skill sets that benchmark against other applicants. Revamping the whole Interface for STJobs, from the old 2008 static website to the new 2014 responsive mobile platform within 3 months period. Huge increase in page view for resume and job applications after launch.

Simplify the whole STJobs user-experience by keep building and optimizing web pages, landing pages, and display advertising and email templates. Significant increase for STJobs traffic can be seen within a period of time, especially the interaction between users and STJobs. The design and development of the user-friendly website keep giving users reasons to not only look for jobs but also to gain valuable information and skill to keep updated with the latest industry standard.

In The 10th Annual W3 Awards 2015, STJobs website has been awarded:

– W3 Website Categories – Employment 2015

In The 21st Annual Communicator Awards, STJobs website has been awarded:

– 2015 Silver Awards of Distinction Websites – Structure and Navigation
– 2015 Silver Awards of Distinction Websites – Employment

User Research


In the Strategic Design, there are many questions and consideration that can serve as excellent springboards of building the user flow.

The key considerations is to ensure the design helps the users understanding the multiple layers of content without having to think so hard. Sometimes people need to be guided how to consume the functionality for the first time. In the information testing, we should not just give our product and say, “Do whatever you want…” To early adopters. Instead we should keep observing how to can we enhance our product better to design smarter interactive experience.


Persona and Rapid Iteration


Designing creative experiments is one of the most important skills to learn as a lean interactive designer. Based on the data and insight gathered from the experiments, I will be able to make confident decision to answer customer’s riskiest assumption. Move Fast – Tell A Story!

Understanding customers’ empathy begins with prioritisation of one question at a time. During the interview, we steps in our customer’s shoes to understand how they think and feel about the problem. The goal is not to sell or convince customers with what we want to hear, but instead looking for a validation to measure their true demand. The real “honesty” involves in asking open-ended question, listening more than talk, and encouraging them to share their thoughts.

In the rapid experiment, I try to solve a problem by creating solution that is aligned with their passion. My team and I need to know what is unknown and what we need to learn to make the project successful. We evaluate our key assumption to match problem with solutions as soon as possible. Permission to get the work done is started with something small, without any fear of change to generate a big win. We dedicate our time to help others with “Lean” lensed and learn from the expert to take massive approach to work in real world.

This is not a rapport building with hidden context and agenda, but to understand their human judgment to form patterns to help them finding an answer within their wheel of emotion.

To keep learning how to make thing happens, to light up the spark in others when people are facing with an opportunity, and to commit with my innovation effort step by step everyday.

SPH Magazine Ads

These SPH Magazine Ads are created for Her World, Simply Her, HRM, and SME Magazines.

In the digital media era, print ads are getting lesser priority. However, the medium is still relevant and efficient to engage different market of target audiences. The main key is to deliver a strong message in a short period of time with strong graphic and marketing messages.


Date: June 6, 2022

Category: Responsive Website, Visual Print