The ideal product team shares knowledge, communicates ideas, and identifies project tasks to ensure the successful product development in a timely plan and at the highest quality possible.


PROJECT MANAGER: Manage the development and the feature requirement of the project. Great project managers have to understand technology support, the business goals and the design of user needs — at the same time.

UX RESEARCH: Focuses on understanding user needs, behaviours, and scenarios through interviews, observations, customer journeys, and feedbacks analysis.

INTERACTION DESIGNER: Define the interaction of usable product that will be implemented by developers, based on constraints, adoption, and engagement. Great Interaction Designers will help the team to get actionable features early, communicate with stakeholders, and deliver usable product on user needs.

FRONT-END: Experienced in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. They connect the back-end to the design that pays close attention to details.

BACK-END: Experienced in databases, like Java, .Net, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails, MySQL, etc. Their primary function are to make the system flow smoothly for current and future performance.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Doing a test-driven development based on a lot of scenarios and user-stories. Great QA Testers are detail – oriented, become the gatekeeper for many functions, as product development sometimes very complex, they help to ensure the steps are taken to deliver great product.

Additional Members

VISUAL DESIGNER: Create the look and feel of the product, the UI elements, the brand voice. Focused on Digital Experience. (Not graphic designer)

ENGINEERS TEAM: Based on programming language, and project assigned. For example, IOS/Android developer, Virtual Reality, Cloud database, etc.

Product Specialist, Data scientist, Growth Hackers, Business Expert and other will be explained in the future. 

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