A UX Leader is hybrid, people called us as a Unicorn, because we have to demonstrate self awareness, be comfortable with ambiguity, continuous-learning, and inspire others to solve the complex become simple.

The 5 Main Keypoints:

  1. Establishing, driving, and articulate the design vision.
  2. Communicating with cross-functional team. (Business, Research, Design and Development)
  3. Educate and inspire the knowledge so that success can be measured and result can be achieved.
  4. Delivers successful usable, user-friendly, and intuitive product.
  5. Managing the team, ensures all members are challenged and motivated.

This hybrid skill set can seem complicated, but with experience and willingness to learn, the mindset of leadership can be learned and developed.

Leadership is a journey, every project expands our knowledge and teaches us with more experience to become the master in our field.

The right self-awareness help us to understand our domain pathway, expanding beyond just the design field, and understand more contexts such as business, marketing, sales, technology and many more.

UX Leadership is a long journey, the main step is to take the first step.

In the digital age, we are fortunate to learn a lot of informations at our fingertips. We have a lot of tools we can use, we have a lot of online course to enroll. To improve our skills and experience, we can continuously learn to pursue our interest and advance our career!


1. Inspirational Leaders Design Great Teamwork

You aren’t alone. From my past experience, a lot of my journey are inspired by teams of motivated individuals. Everyone has the humility to work collectively to solve complex challenges and make the world a better place.


2. The Science of Delegations and Credits

Delegation isn’t just passing the tasks to my team, but also empowering each individuals in the team. We are focusing on how to delegate effectively, educate and expanding others’ skill set. We give them explanation why we are giving the the tasks, with clear guidance.

Ensure your team that they will be supported, educated, and rewarded for their role and responsibility.


3. Celebrate Success and Take Responsibility

We set direction and nurture the team. We celebrate everyone success without jealousy and take responsibility for temporary defeat, make them understand every mistake is an opportunity for learning.

If we inspire the team to achieve great things, there is no mountain to high to climb.


4. Put Your Hands On and Give Example

Demonstrate and educate the team in continuous skills. Work – is a team efforts, and experienced team will deliver and achieve great things. You will improve yourself by seeing things from others’ perspectives.


5. Learn from The Smart People (Everyone has Strength)

To lead, learn from the others. Don’t always be the smartest people in the room. Get out and find something to learn, from your team, from the experts, make it your primary goal to understand all points of view of the business.

Get out of your comfort zone and the thing that once unknown will deeper your experience. When you look back, make sure you have not a boring and dull career, but a life full of adventure – Deby Joevita

Thank You.

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